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Österby 2003:
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Österby - Eric S, Ceylon, Henry a o

Västlandstämman 2002

The biggest stämma there is: Bingsjö. 2002

The "day of the nyckelharpa" in 1975



Johan Hedin and Hasse Gille in Österbybruk.
Photo Esbjörn Hogmark

Mixed Photos
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Page 5, including "Nyckel Art Passion"
Page 6, Puma in Japan 2003

Bronwyn Bird's pumpkinharpa

Crown Princess Viktoria visits Tobo

Puma & Company in "Another Way!"

The Peter Puma Hedlund USA Tour 2003 #1
and page 2

Puma and Sören in USA 2002

The Nyckelharpa World Championships:
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Who and when
1990, 1992
and 1994


Nyckelharpa players in Sweden

Nyckelharpa players outside of Sweden

About the Swedish National Instrument

Different types of Nyckelharpa


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