The Österby championships for youth in 2001


David Eriksson from Vindeln - the new Champion.


Anders Smedenmark

Maria Bohlin.

Beata Norén.

Anna Jönsson. .

Elin Skoglund

Anne-Chatrine Friberg.

Ben Lagerberg Teitelbaum, USA.

David Eriksson, Vindeln, Västerbotten.


Hannes Jönsson, Kalmar.

Elin Johansson

Andreas Risán

Members of the jury. From the left: Gunnar Ahlbäck, Sigurd Sahlström, Peter Puma Hedlund;
Nisse Nordström and Gunnar Fredelius. Between but behind Gunnar A and Sigurd we can spot Rita Leydon.
To the right we can see Eva Tjörnbo whispering to Anne-Christine Granfors.
Photo Esbjörn Hogmark

Anna Christina Widell handed over the prizes to David.



The Tobo students 2000 - 2001.