The 2003 Österby championships for youth

Photos Esbjörn Hogmark

Erik Bergström - the new master in 2003


Thomas Hjelm, Stockholm

Ben Lagerberg Tieltelbaum, USA

Sunniva Abelli

Ingela Smedenmark

Elli-Maja Fogelqvist, Uppland

Ingela Eriksson, Björklinge

Helge Karslsson, Uppsala


Erik Bergström played a polska after Mattias Blom, from the Hälsingland,) where he comes from, followed by Valö Brudmarsh. The audience was struck by his skillful and beautiful playing.

The jury also found his playing o be extraordenary and apointed him the new master.

The jury consited by Sigurd Sahlström, Ditte Andersson, Peter Puma Hedlund, Nisse Nordström, Gunnar Ahlbäck and Gunnar Fredelius.


Peter Puma Hedlund, Nisse Nordström;
Ditte Andersson, Sigurd Sahlström and Gunnar Fredelius - three contented judges

The tradition bids the winner from the last competition
to hand over the prize.
That means we see David Eriksson,handing over the prize to Erik Bergström
To the left is Gunnar Ahlbäck, the judge missing in the photos above.


Photos by Esbjörn Hogmark unless otherwise credited
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