Bingsjöstämman 2002

Photo Esbjörn Hogmark

In the middle of nowhere, just before you leave Dalarna and comes to
Hälsningland, you arriwe in the small willage Bingsjö. If you choose to
go by a small forgotten road that is.

Once every summer this little willage gets up to 30,000 visitors!!!
If you like folk music and visits Sweden there is to places you simply must
visit: Bingsjö and the Nyckelharpstämma in Österby!

Here is some pictures Esbjörn took in the summer of 2002.

Pekkosgården (The Pekkos Farm) the day before

Here some visitors has shown up :-)

Getting dark - but what happend inbetween...

Thore and Oline Härdelin at Danielsgården

Håkan Wallin and Lars Lindqvist

Two sisters

This is two sisters too

Photo Esbjörn Hogmark


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