The Day of the Nyckelharpa
1975 at Disagården in Uppsala
Photo Erik Fredelius

Curt Tallroth, Leif Alpsjö and Nisse Nordström. There was a picture taken at Ceylon Wallin for a stamp,
and this is at that occation. Ceylon playes a tune called "Nordmandrillen".

Gösta Hellström och Spel Oskar Larsson.

Ceylon on stage

Leif Alpsjö, Ivar Tallroth, Curt Tallroth, Nisse Nordström, Nils Presto, Ragnar Berglund

Present but not on the picture were also Spel Oscar Larsson, Gösta Hellström and Joel Jansson.

Ivar Tallroth, Ragnar Berglund and Bosse Larsson.