Some nyckelharpa players outside of Sweden


By permission from Wes Peterson we can show you a Picture of Twin Cities Nyckelharpalag
from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area

Rita Leydon, "responsible for Peter Puma Hedlunds Nyckelharpskola" in DVD
also in The Board of Directors for The American Nyckelharpa Association :
Behind her we see her husband Chris

Sheila Morris from Denver, Colorado at Österbybruk 2002. Photo Gunnar Fredelius
Sheila is now President of the ANA. And she also helps us translate for the Nyckelharpans Forum

Glenn and James Greene

Oskar Sundström has built this interesting nyckelharpa

Sandra from USA visiting the Bingsjöstämma in 2000. Photo Esbjörn Hogmark

Ethan James, here at Ekebybyholm, 1999. EH


Not a very good photo, but it is Peter Berg from London
at the 1992 Championship in Stockholm. He is playing a moraharpa


Ueli Leuthold, Riedweg, Schweiz, playing on a chromatic nyckelharpa with four rows. Östen Öhman in Sikfors built it.
Ueli and his friends first came in contact with the nyckelharpa at the Kaustinen stämma in Finland.
They asked "where can we get this interesting instrument?" The answer was in Norrbotten, Sikfors and Östen Öhman.
Photo: GF atEric Sahlströmstämma sometime in the 1980's



On the Swedish part of Nyckelharpans Forum you will find lots and lots of photos of the instrument nyckelharpa, the people who play it and the people who build it.

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