Anna-Kristina Widell

World Champion at Nyckelharpa

Photo Esbjörn Hogmark

Anna-Kristina is, in spite of her youth, one of the leading tradition holders
and best nyckelharpa players..

Anna-Kristina Widell from Borås got the Zorn Bronsmedal in 1998.

1999 she entered - and won - the Österby Competition for youth.

År 2000 she got the scullership of culture from her home town, Borås. That year she was also appointed "riksspelman"

In 2002, in hard competition, she got the title World Champion!
Therby she was also the first feemale winner in the modern class.

Together with Henry Wallin - for more pictures from that occation click here
Photo Gunnar Fredelius

Photo Esbjörn Hogmark, Österbystämman 2002


The winner 2002. Photo Esbjörn Hogmark

Foto Esbjörn Hogmark

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